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If you drive a high performance vehicle, the Frankenstein Factory can help you maximize not only the performance but also the appearance of your vehicle.  There’s no shortage of modification options for the car enthusiast and we will help you make the right decisions. 

Some fundamental steps you can take to improve the performance of your car include maximizing the efficiency of the air and exhaust flow and replacing suspension components to improve handling.  And of course your vehicle needs to be tuned for optimal performance.   Eventually, you may even want to consider adding a form of forced induction or even nitrous. Ultimately, upgrading your car is all about making it your own, so it is important to choose your modifications based on your driving style, interests, and the type of vehicle that you own.



Installation and tuning of drivetrain performance products including: headers, exhaust and intake systems,  cams, heads, fuel system upgrades, cold air intakes, clutch kits, transmissions, differentials, turbochargers, superchargers, gauges, including complete forged engine builds.


Upgraded radiators, heat exchangers, intercoolers, pumps, ice boxes and more.. we can help you keep your intake air temperature and engine temperature at their optimum level for maximum performance.


Everything from upgraded pads and rotors, to full race applications. Installation of stainless brake hoses and brake swaps.


Installation of upgraded shocks and lowering springs to full adjustable coilover kits plus suspension tuning and 15 inch drag pack conversions.


If you need custom fabrication work, give us a call to discuss your project. 


Everything from upgraded pads and rotors, to full race applications. Installation of stainless brake hoses and brake swaps.


We utilize a Mainline ProHub dynometer. The ProHub dynamometers connect to the vehicle's axle shaft hubs, via high torque capacity, “Power Absorption Modules” (PAMs), removing wheel and tire related variables from the testing and tuning equation. This ensures absolute accuracy with the ability to simulate both street and track conditions. ProHub chassis dynamometers also provide the ability to test and tune at equivalent road speeds of up to 310 mph and up to 3,000 whp.

Custom Performance Calibration

When your goal is to maximize WOT torque/horsepower output, while also optimizing part throttle characteristics, Frankenstein Engine Dynamics offers fully customized tuning services that includes dyno, street and track calibration of your ECM and TCM.  Our dyno tuning service* is an excellent solution for maximizing WOT torque/horsepower output for more heavily modified vehicles (forced induction, heads, cam, nitrous).  You will also receive before and after dyno graphs.  We will drive and data log your vehicle on the street after the dyno session to ensure performance is optimized and driveability is satisfactory to you.  This is our most comprehensive tuning solution we offer and it includes 90 days of "free" support via our Frankenstein Factory Team membership subscription.

RULES FOR DATA LOGGING  Click here to view and print our guidelines for data logging

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