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Whether you are a first time client or a repeat client, joining the Frankenstein Factory Team will ensure you always receive preferred support and services including a 15% discount on all calibration services.  Membership fee is only $200 per year, invoiced and paid quarterly in 4 installments of $50.00 each.

Our Frankenstein Factory Team membership key benefits include:

  •  Priority and preferential support guaranteed "on call" 6 days a week
  • Access to our members only private Forum and the Downloads page which includes HP Tuners layout files, channels files, instructional articles and tips to help you maximize the performance of your vehicle
  • Remote support at track events for data log analysis and minor minor calibration adjustments as long as member owns a copy of HP Tuners VCM Suite (or has access to one) and has wireless connectivity via a laptop
  • Free re-tunes for minor modifications as long as you remain an active member
  • 5% discount on Frankenstein Engine Dynamics products


We utilize a Mainline ProHub dynometer. The ProHub dynamometers connect to the vehicle's axle shaft hubs, via high torque capacity, “Power Absorption Modules” (PAMs), removing wheel and tire related variables from the testing and tuning equation. This ensures absolute accuracy with the ability to simulate both street and track conditions. ProHub chassis dynamometers also provide the ability to test and tune at equivalent road speeds of up to 310 mph and up to 3,000 whp.

Remote Performance Calibration

Frankenstein Engine Dynamics remote tuning service offers an excellent alternative to standard dyno tuning. Unlike a typical dyno tuning session, where most effort is focused on Wide Open Throttle (WOT ) performance only, a remote tuning approach optimizes for real world conditions on the street or track across both part throttle and WOT operating points.

* The remote tuning process requires the end user to have HP Tuners VCM Suite (Standard or Professional) to capture scan tool data and reflash the ECM with calibration files supplied by Frankenstein Engine Dynamics. A wideband sensor is also very beneficial (but not mandatory) for certain vehicle configurations. We do not limit the number of iterations we will supply for a given vehicle configuration.

Custom Performance Calibration

When your goal is to maximize WOT torque/horsepower output, while also optimizing part throttle characteristics, Frankenstein Engine Dynamics offers fully customized tuning services that includes dyno, street and track calibration of your ECM and TCM.  Our dyno tuning service* is an excellent solution for maximizing WOT torque/horsepower output for more heavily modified vehicles (forced induction, heads, cam, nitrous).  You will also receive before and after dyno graphs.  We will drive and data log your vehicle on the street after the dyno session to ensure performance is optimized and driveability is satisfactory to you.  This is our most comprehensive tuning solution we offer and it includes 90 days of "free" support via our Frankenstein Factory Team membership subscription.

Calibration Consulting

If you are looking for analysis of your data logs or simply need an opinion and recommendations for your upcoming build or modifications, Frankenstein Engine Dynamics offers consulting "on demand" via telephone or in person based on your physical location.  If you schedule a calibration or re-calibration session, your fee will be waived for your calibration consulting appointment.

Alliance Partner Custom Calibration

Each of our Alliance Partners offer our Custom Performance Calibration service and you may schedule a session direct with your preferred Alliance Partner.  The deliverable and guarantee remain the same for each of our clients whether you schedule a calibration session with an Alliance Partner or direct with FrankensteinFactory.com via our online scheduling and booking system.

* NOTICE:  None of our calibration service offerings include the cost of renting a dyno.   Dyno's are great for obtaining some base line numbers before and after modifications and calibration changes.  If your goal is simply a "dyno number", then you will need to locate and schedule time on a dyno in addition to booking your appointment with Frankenstein Engine Dynamics.

RULES FOR DATA LOGGING  Click here to view and print our guidelines for data logging.

About Us

Our Frankenstein Factory Shop Manager is Chris Holland.  Chris and his team will help you take your vehicle ownership experience to a high performance level.  Our in-house full time tuner is Justin White. Justin specializes in late model GM LS/LT platforms, as well as the 6l80/90 and 8L90 transmission tuning.  GUARANTEED improvement or the tune is on us*.   

An improper, incorrect, or poorly executed engine modification can have a detrimental effect on performance. Tuning for optimal performance and personalizing the characteristics of each vehicle to the owner's preference is my specialty. We focus not only on producing more power but for example, it may actually be necessary to "detune" to allow increased traction where the track grip is insufficient to handle the increased power of the tuned engine. We will spend the time necessary to tune your vehicle both on the dyno, the street and where possible, the track.

If you have an HP Tuners VCM Suite software license, you have the option to receive both a street and a track tune so your car will be optimized based on the octane level of your fuel and other performance tune characteristics that might require two types of tunes.

* Refund request must be requested by client at time tune is completed. The tune will be removed immediately from vehicle and original tune loaded at no cost to client.  Please note that this guarantee is not available to vehicles tuned only remotely.

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